Quick Hits – Parasite Eve

Quick Hits is a daily segment at NCG that highlights games that may have been forgotten, will never be found, or otherwise deserve notice.

I first played Parasite Eve at exactly the wrong time in my life. I knew that I loved SquareSoft’s golden era of RPGs, and was in love with Parasite Eve’s moody aesthetic, but I think I was too young and dumb to get around it’s Resident Evil style of environmental navigation. I played through it years later, though, and channeled my inner 9-year old, reliving memories I never had.

Parasite Eve is an oddball of a game that draws from nearly all of its peers at the time of its release. It’s real-time combat has bullet-hell style projectile dodging. It uses the narrow scope and horror tropes of classic Resident Evil games. It’s environmental story telling did NYC just as well as The Division.

Parasite Eve 2 on PSX, and Parasite Eve 3 on the PSP deviated heavily from what I loved about the original game (much like the latter day RE games) meaning the original exists in a sort of temporal stasis. It functions as a time capsule from 1998 when minds at SquareSoft were allowed to just get weird with a full bank account at their disposal.

If you still have your PS3 hooked up or a Vita lying around, you can scoop up Parasite Eve on PSN for $5.99.



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