Quick Hits – FLAMBERGE

Quick Hits is a daily segment at NCG that highlights games that may have been forgotten, will never be found, or otherwise deserve notice.

I’d never heard of FLAMBERGE until about 11am this morning. But after an hour with it I just have to sing its praise. FLAMBERGE is a small-scale tactics game that uses simultaneous turn-based combat a la Atlas Reactor (which I’m also loving right now.) You give orders to your team of diminutive 8-bit sprites, hit execute, and both sides perform their actions simultaneously. This sounds simple, but it results in combat requiring you to plan for what will happen, rather than what is happening.  Despite your limited combat options, the way systems and timelines overlap makes an otherwise simple situation incredibly complex.


Presentation is minimal and beautiful. It evokes Swords and Sorcery, Below, and other aesthetic peers. The music, though, is masterfully composed and in some ways disproportionately grand compared to what you see on the screen, which isn’t a bad thing. It doesn’t necessarily ape the style of classics of the genre like Final Fantasy Tactics, but sits a long side it without much effort.

FLAMBERGE is incomplete but for $9.99 on Steam, it seems more than worth it in its current state.


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