Quick Hits – Battlefield 2142

Quick Hits is a (usually) daily segment at NCG that highlights games that may have been forgotten, will never be found, or otherwise deserve notice.

For my multiplayer first person shooters, I’ve always had an allegiance to the Battlefield series. Aside from the diversity of verbs present in the game like drive, snipe, fly, etc. I’ve always loved how small your character feels. I mean that in two senses of the word small. One, I love that you are a very small part of a large theatre of war. Two, I love that I can make my body feel small. The reason why I’ve always preferred Battlefield to CoD is because you can go prone. You can sneak, you can hide, and you can duck from fire. One of my favorite sensations in video games is finding a way to “sneak” in games that don’t have a “sneaking system” or are “about sneaking.”

While I love and have played most of the Battlefield games, my favorite is the often overlooked Battlefield 2142. Aside from being a sucker for mechs and future tech, 2142 was unique in that there is a character class that encourages sneaking, even though the game does not have any in-engine systems devoted to sneaking (peaking corners or smart-cover for example.) If I remember correctly, the build set is “assassin” which is equipped with active camouflage. Nothing, and I mean nothing, felt better than going invisible, running straight through a cacophonous battle, and throwing yourself in to some bushes. I’d eventually sneak past enemy lines and slowly pick off unsuspecting soldiers because they thought the battlefront was over there.

Even though EA shut down BF2142’s servers in 2014, you can still play a fan-made recreation of the experience for free here.  I haven’t tried it myself, but it seems legit, with over 1000 players on their servers as of me writing this.



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