Quick Hits: The World Ends With You

Quick Hits is a weekly segment at NCG that highlights games that may have been forgotten, will never be found, or otherwise deserve notice.

Square-Enix’s The World Ends With You wins the award for “Best Acronym if Pronounced Phonetically.” TWEWY. Just say it out loud. Twewy.

I love games that control very specifically. Games that build their core mechanics around the method with which you interact with the game. Because games are generally bound to a very rigid arrangement of buttons, the way we play games with our hands rarely changes. That wasn’t the case with the Nintendo DS, and specifically The World Ends With You.


TWEWY is an action-based role playing game where combat takes place on both the top and bottom screens simultaneously. On the top screen, you control one character’s attacks and dodges with button presses, on the bottom with the stylus. It requires you to manage not just sets of data, enemy weaknesses and character strengths just like any other role playing game, but where your eyes are looking and what your hands are doing. In some ways it channels oddball Japanese arcade rhythm games, where you’re constantly rubbing your head while patting your stomach.

The game also has style for days. In terms of presentation it’s somewhere between Jet Grind Radio and Persona 4 in the way it represents Japanese teenage subcultures and graphic design. The music is absolutely infectious as well.


If you still own a DS, you can find a cart on Amazon for a little over $20. It was also released on iOS and Google Play, but I can’t imagine that touch controls would emulate the games highly tactile combat effectively.


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