Quick Hits: Biomotor Unitron

Quick Hits is a weekly segment at NCG that highlights games that may have been forgotten, will never be found, or otherwise deserve notice.

Cover image found via Google Image. I do not own an NGPC.

I have no idea how I came across owning the short-lived Neo Geo Pocket Color. I must have saved up my pennies and purchased one or received one for my birthday. Moreover, I have no idea how my childhood best friend, Maher, had one as well. It was the heyday of the Gameboy Color, which we both had as well, but something about the NGPC felt revolutionary. Perhaps it was that it had a joystick or that the screen was 16-bit, but I think it was the slew of oddball games that came with it.

So many gems lived on that little guy. Faselei!, Dark Arms, SNK vs. Capcom: Cardfighters Clash. But for me what sticks out in my memory is Biomotor Unitron. I still think about squatting on the floor with Maher, comparing notes.

biomogood-3.gif      1241394-biomoto_uni_2.png

I was slowly growing out of my Pokemon phase and simultaneously falling in love with the Armored Core franchise (and frankly anything mech-adjacent.) The idea that a game existed that combined the JRPG tenants I loved with Mega Man style robots electrified my ten-year-old brain.

The issue is that the game, at least compared to Pokemon Red/Blue, wasn’t great in retrospect. It had pseudorandom dungeon layouts and the entire structure felt a little flat. It lacked the charm and bespoke nature of Pokemon’s creatures and world, and I eventually tapered off playing it.

It’s worth giving the game a whirl on an NGPC emulator (if you own the cartridge of course) if you’re interested, though I can’t imagine it holds up well in 2017.


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