The RollerCoaster Tycoon Tycoon

RogueLeader23 is the creator of the now-infamous Just a Walk in the Park, also known as the World’s Largest Hedge Maze. Part sculpture, part social experiment, part AI study, his creation has sparked a cult following on forums like Reddit. The story of the park-goers exploring the hedge maze, over the course of in-game centuries, has been chronicled by RogueLeader23 as narrator, primarily following the … Continue reading The RollerCoaster Tycoon Tycoon

The Dubious Representation of Tattooing in Video Games

PSA: Amateur and at-home tattooing can be extremely dangerous. This article by no means endorses it. Tattooers train for many years to maintain a sanitary work environment to prevent bloodborne illness. If you want a tattoo, see a professional. My first tattoo was more of a ritual, at least that’s how I thought of it, than a tattoo. In my latter years of art school … Continue reading The Dubious Representation of Tattooing in Video Games

Postmortem: Sid Meier’s Pirates!

Postmortem is an exhaustive deep-dive in to an older title, courtesy of freelancer Martin Offerman. A fortune to be had. A family to be rescued. Revenge to be served. Your destiny awaits you. Have you considered piracy? You’d make a great Dread Pirate Roberts. Today’s Postmortem is a game that will set you on a course for a swashbuckling adventure. That game is Sid Meier’s Pirates! … Continue reading Postmortem: Sid Meier’s Pirates!

Prey: The Terrarium Effect

If my greatest passion in life is video games, for my girlfriend, it’s plants. They fill our one bedroom apartment – plants of all sizes. She’s particularly fascinated by terrariums, of which we have several. Each day I walk by them and watch their microcosmic ecosystem grow and decay, one plant giving way to another, fungus sprouting in certain places to be removed later. The … Continue reading Prey: The Terrarium Effect


Editor’s note: I know it’s taboo to review Early Access games, but in this instance, I just don’t care. I’ll never forget my first game. The feeling of scrambling to find a weapon as I wandered around, confused and lost. The first time I saw another player, being frozen in place, my heart jackhammering as I missed every shot. Likewise, I’ll never forget my first … Continue reading Review: PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS