How We Review

Game reviews have changed radically over the decades, as have the games we play.

In 2017 the games press still struggles  to find a happy medium between a review acting as a subjective opinion piece and buyer’s guide. At No Coast Gaming, we acknowledge that readers, and the games we review, deserve both. This is why we score games with a pie chart.

While we hope that you primarily use the text of our reviews to influence your purchasing decisions, we understand that many people want to see a score.


That being said, we find numerical scores too rigid. A numerical score can often be reductive, and at worst, contribute to a culture where jobs hang in the balance based on an aggregate of numerical values.

While an intrepid reader could do some simple math and glean a percentage value out of our pie charts – we hope to leave readers with: “this is generally how I feel about this game.”

NCG reviews deviate from the norm in a few other ways:

  • We don’t require our reviewers to have completed a game. In an era where many games are padded with side content, are content incomplete, or simply don’t end, we ask our reviewers to reach the “I get it” point.  If so, they must seek an outside source to ensure that the portion left unplayed is not radically different from the portion that has been.
  • Sometimes, more than one reviewer may give feedback. Logistically, our staff and contributors cannot play every game for obvious reasons. That being said, if several reviewers play the same game and both want to give their thoughts, we include multiple scores.
  • We don’t review every game that comes out, and some reviews may be for older games. We just like to write about games, so you may see reviews for older titles, and possibly no review for a newer game.
  • We do not allow commenting on reviews. We want to contribute to a happy, healthy internet. That being said, we encourage commenting on our editorials and “reads”to promote discussions about our topics.  If you have feedback for us regarding a review score, please head over here to contact us!