Quick Hits – Solar Jetman

Quick Hits is a daily segment at NCG that highlights games that may have been forgotten, will never be found, or otherwise deserve notice. By the time the PSX/N64 era was already in full swing. I had begun to realize that there were probably some hidden classics I had missed out on, having only really hit the console games scene well into the 16-bit era. As such, I … Continue reading Quick Hits – Solar Jetman

Nostalgia: the Heart of Gaming

When I was in elementary school, maybe 2nd grade, I had a black bicycle. I think it was a Huffy, but I’m not sure. It was a single-speed bike. It was heavy, the tires were bald, and the handlebars had some sort of gaudy faux-gold plating. The grips were worn down from my sweaty child-hands grasping them tightly as I careened through the neighborhood, my … Continue reading Nostalgia: the Heart of Gaming

MGSV – On losing my mother and the phantom pain

Sometime, toward the end of 2015, my mom was diagnosed with cancer. I don’t remember the exact date, not even the month. I could dig through text messages with my dad, scrolling back and back, watching the content, the tone of the messages play out in sequential reverse–mundane, hopeful, mundane, subdued, depressed, panicked, worried, mundane–but it doesn’t really matter. She would die of this cancer … Continue reading MGSV – On losing my mother and the phantom pain