The “People Sculptures” of PUBG

Every game begins tabula rasa. The prospect of finding something new, of feeling things you’ve never felt before. The sensation of rolling over in bed in the morning, with light streaming through your apartment window. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is a game about dying, and waking up, fresh and new. The past is no longer. Your last missed shot is irrelevant. All that matters is how you’re … Continue reading The “People Sculptures” of PUBG

Squad, and the Mil-Sim rabbit hole

The sun is setting low and long feathers of gold and purple filter through the trees. We’ve been laying in thick grass, covering different portions of the horizon for what feels like hours. The two other squadmates in my detachment devolve into idle chatter to pass the time, telling jokes about each other’s mothers, as I imagine real soldiers might. It’s just the sound of … Continue reading Squad, and the Mil-Sim rabbit hole

The RollerCoaster Tycoon Tycoon

RogueLeader23 is the creator of the now-infamous Just a Walk in the Park, also known as the World’s Largest Hedge Maze. Part sculpture, part social experiment, part AI study, his creation has sparked a cult following on forums like Reddit. The story of the park-goers exploring the hedge maze, over the course of in-game centuries, has been chronicled by RogueLeader23 as narrator, primarily following the … Continue reading The RollerCoaster Tycoon Tycoon

The Dubious Representation of Tattooing in Video Games

PSA: Amateur and at-home tattooing can be extremely dangerous. This article by no means endorses it. Tattooers train for many years to maintain a sanitary work environment to prevent bloodborne illness. If you want a tattoo, see a professional. My first tattoo was more of a ritual, at least that’s how I thought of it, than a tattoo. In my latter years of art school … Continue reading The Dubious Representation of Tattooing in Video Games

Postmortem: Sid Meier’s Pirates!

Postmortem is an exhaustive deep-dive in to an older title, courtesy of freelancer Martin Offerman. A fortune to be had. A family to be rescued. Revenge to be served. Your destiny awaits you. Have you considered piracy? You’d make a great Dread Pirate Roberts. Today’s Postmortem is a game that will set you on a course for a swashbuckling adventure. That game is Sid Meier’s Pirates! … Continue reading Postmortem: Sid Meier’s Pirates!

Prey: The Terrarium Effect

If my greatest passion in life is video games, for my girlfriend, it’s plants. They fill our one bedroom apartment – plants of all sizes. She’s particularly fascinated by terrariums, of which we have several. Each day I walk by them and watch their microcosmic ecosystem grow and decay, one plant giving way to another, fungus sprouting in certain places to be removed later. The … Continue reading Prey: The Terrarium Effect