Review: Resident Evil 7

In 2017 we’re quite used to entertainment franchises being “rebooted.”  In video games, the first, most notable example I can think of is Tomb Raider (2013.) In the time before its release, the Tomb Raider franchise had become little more than a running joke. TR never really grew up. It grew, but in ways that nobody asked for. Each iteration seemed like the developer was … Continue reading Review: Resident Evil 7

Review – Titanfall 2

Big Robots, Big Guns Over the past several years, developers of first person shooters have struggled to discover what the genre needed to make a change for the better. We’ve seen agility and movement speed increased with abilities to slide, double-jump, wall run, peek around corners now featured in almost every FPS that enters the market. I can say with confidence that Titanfall 2 is … Continue reading Review – Titanfall 2

Review – Total War: Warhammer

 I’ve always considered “Strategy” to be my favorite genre of games.   This love affair started with Final Fantasy Tactics and the cult hit Front Mission 3 on the PSX. Today, games like Invisible Inc. and Xcom 2. Something about their design philosophy tickles my brain in a special way. At best, there is a situational sense of problem solving, that if you plan properly … Continue reading Review – Total War: Warhammer

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

I had never heard of the Munich-based developer of Shadow Tactics, Mimimi, before diving into Shadow Tactics. Similarly, I’ve never played any of the Commandos games which are the building blocks of Shadow Tactics’ DNA. Shadow Tactics is a real-time strategy game. Sort of. Shadow tactics is a stealth game. Sort of.  At its heart, though, Shadow Tactics is a puzzle game. It throws you … Continue reading Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun